Welcome to Legend, an epic story set in the beautiful valleys of Omaekah and the mystical forests of Cornalius. Decades ago, the great monster Typhon terrorized the planet and its moon. The only way he was ever defeated was by King Zeus Jupiter and Queen Hera Juno of the elves, aided by their bonds King and Queen Snapdragon and Chrysanthemum of the fairies. And the only way they defeated him was by sacrificing their lives.

Legend takes place seventeen years after the war with Typhon. Demeter Ceres, Aphrodite Venus, and Athena Minerva, the only living descendants of Queen Hera Juno and King Zeus Jupiter, rule Omaekah. From far off they hear rumbling sounds, but they consider it none of their business until a plea for help rings in their minds. Cornalius is under attack, and three fairies have just discovered a bond between the elven queens. Now Ceres, Venus, Minerva, Tiger Lily, Rose, and Zinnia most find a way to stop the mighty Typhon and his new minion, Voldorre, while trying to discover how to bring two worlds who have long forgotten the other existed. Can they do it? Or will they all become just a legend told around campfires when Typhon rules?

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